MKANT Annual Picnic

We are Opening Registrations for Volleyball !!

Click here to compete as a Team or play as an individual!

E̳v̳e̳n̳t̳ ̳D̳e̳t̳a̳i̳l̳s̳:

  1. The game will be held on the picnic day (30th Sep 2023).
  2. Different games will be conducted for men and women.
  3. Can Register as an individual (we will form teams).
  4. Registration as a team are also welcome.
  5. Only Mkant Members will be allowed to participate (Active membership required)
  6. Registrations will be open till Friday evening(29th Sep).
  7. It’s a free event! (Yaay….🤩)
  8. Get ready to have lots of fun! 🏐🏆🥇🥈