14 “Dear journal, a chipmunk questioned me personally my personal title now.”

14 “Dear journal, a chipmunk questioned me personally my personal title now.”

Back month 1 when Stefan and Elena had been between the sheets along, Damon strolled within their room and said he would put a buck at anything he previouslyn’t viewed before. Leave it to Damon Salvatore to relieve the stress with bull crap as to what could have been a very embarrassing second. The reality that Elena and his awesome bro happened to be in bed together did not also stage your. The guy strolled inside enjoy it had been no big deal and requested these to “stop getting smutty.” Hilarious! Naturally, Stefan and Elena are annoyed by Damon’s insistence on speaking about vampire crisis in that inappropriate moment as they exchanged looks at each and every additional, but Damon is Damon. Hey, at the least he didn’t capture them in the work.

During a season 3 episode whenever Stefan is creating in the diary, Damon stands into the doorway and mocks your by saying “Dear diary, a chipmunk questioned me my identity today. We told your it had been Joe.” he then brings drastically, “that rest will haunt myself forever.” Stefan is actually aggravated by this. The reason this line is so funny is because Stefan ended up being the master of brooding. After all, in the event that you look-up brooding when you look at the dictionary, you will probably come across their profile picture. All joking away, Stefan was typically an extremely significant dynamics with lots of demons that haunted your. The guy constantly noticed very harmful to any such thing the guy previously did that damage others. This offer uttered by Damon ended up being poking enjoyable at this.

13 “Stefan is significantly diffent. He desires to think every bout of the way I Met their mommy.”

Towards end of period 1, Damon has a speak to Alaric regarding how vampires of the underworld be capable of become their unique emotions on / off like turning a change. Damon states the simpler course would be to simply rotate them off and therefore its a vampire’s instinct to not feel. The guy went on to tell Alaric that Stefan had been unique of themselves where he decided to keep their emotions on. Damon extra that Stefan “wants to feel every episode of How I Met their mummy,” and that is a pretty amusing reference, specially since How I Met your own mummy got a comedy show. Damon ends the discussion by informing Alaric that because he’s their thoughts shut-off, this is exactly why he’s very fun becoming around. Oh, Damon. Constantly best for a sarcastic feedback.

12 “. and my unflinching power to pay attention to Taylor Swift.”

In a discussion with Stefan in an earlier period 1 occurrence, Damon states “believe they or perhaps not Stefan, some women don’t need my marketing. Some women just can’t fight my personal apperance, my design, my personal elegance, and my unflinching capacity to tune in to Taylor Swift.” The Vampire Diaries didn’t use pop traditions references too often, but every time they did, it was usually in a funny means. Damon was actually always alert to the reality that he had been beautiful and lovely and he often made use of that to their positive aspect. However, we now have a difficult time trusting that the guy in fact listens to Taylor Swift. No crime into the talented pop superstar, but is it really united states, or can it seem like Damon might be into something a bit more grungy?

11 “are not your worried that, someday, the woodland creatures include gonna band with each other and react?”

Back in the early times of the program when Stefan used forest pets for blood in place of feasting on individuals, Damon cannot help jak uЕјywaД‡ raya but make fun of him for his life selection. He requested Stefan “aren’t you troubled that, eventually, all the forest creatures were going to group with each other and fight back? I am talking about, definitely they talk.” Damon found really joy in teasing their uncle about his morals.

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