A Brony’s azure happens to be a comic by escagorouge asking the tale of one that magically gets a comic strip pony into his own being.

A Brony’s azure happens to be a comic by escagorouge asking the tale of one that magically gets a comic strip pony into his own being.

You can find shallow similarities to your minimal Dashie, even so the overall shade is definitely bleaker, and also the writer/artist states that he had not take a look at addict fic until after he developed the comic. [1] the writer keeps teased long-term posts having the pony as a main personality [2] , but at the time of March 22, 2012, they haven’t yet so far materialized.


The comic contains 15 webpages, such as two headings listings. Most will have the same dimensions in addition to the rate of ISO 216 a general. They truly are, however, presented not as 15 unique sites, however in one particular, exceedingly high graphics, demanding a lot of scrolling to learn to read the story.

Throughout the second title page, the creator proposes two melodious records that needs to be paid attention to while studying the amusing.

The sketching looks are sketchy passion.com, but apparent, and utilizes a notably restricted color scheme per panel. The dominating design was bluish, particularly at first and so the stopping.

The comical does not promote text balloons, or, undoubtedly, any talked discussion. Really explained completely through face of their real human champion, just who narrates the tale via hand-written captions. These captions are actually principally, but inconsistently, written in history stressful.


A person known as George may journey’s protagonist. He or she lives in great britain and functions a collectibles store which was the household businesses for our generations. He can be not just a brony [3] ; even though the series and its fandom do exist on this planet, these are typically merely discussed in driving.

One-night, George news a strange glimmer on the outside of an old time mirror each morning. The shimmer remains about echo whatever he does, additionally, on the twentieth week, when he happens to be strolling past, there certainly is a flash of light and another hurtles towards him. The mirror each morning has temporarily launched a portal to another business, and George happens face-to-face with a cartoon pony. Her name is Neon, but George soon enough comes to contact their Nena. This woman is stuck on Earth far from the friends, and George does not have contacts firstly, therefore the two bond.

A while moves. George prohibits Nena from exiting their premises lest she generally be spotted, but at some point, fascination triumphs over the lady. She do enterprise outside the house, and the woman is spotted. Not even close rejecting or fearing the, but planet embraces the pony. Over George’s oppositions, she enables by herself get totally subjected to the human being industry. She comes to be popular and wealthy, but she likewise, as George pose they, ends up being “more human”. The first time, she experiences unfavorable behavior such as for instance infuriation, disgust, fatigue and headaches. At some point, truly a lot of on her behalf, and this lady has a failure where this woman is not certain to recover.

Needy, George tries to figure out ways to undo the damage. He finds one when he notices which aged mirror has once again did start to glimmer. This individual slips Nena a glass or two that contain memory-erasing medications and uses the subsequent few weeks “brainwashing” the comatose pony to turn this lady character back into the blameless pony she used to be. Of the 20th day, she awakens and doesn’t bear in mind any one of the lady lives on Earth; the girl title, she says, is definitely Neon. That day, the site opens once more, and George swiftly pushes this lady along. The minute he’s got done so, this individual shatters the mirror each morning and kits flames to his home.

When you find out your once more, he can be in a medical facility mattress with an air mask over his or her look. It’s not clarified just how the guy got here, but sometimes a suicide test or an terminal sickness is meant. George imagines that Neon enjoys discovered them form property and been reunited together with her loved ones, and ends his own attention.

Alternative model

Initial version of among impacted cells

The overview above demonstrates the version of the comical using the internet on March 22, 2012. They differs from the main version in mere two sections, on web page 9 and 10, correspondingly. These people were transformed on December 29, 2011, to manage judgments relating to one particular plot component. Within the unique model, the narrator strikes Neon/Nena up the mind with a baseball bat, certain that this will cause the memory loss this is a piece of his or her program. The modified version strips this board entirely, in addition to the remark about the function of physical violence “will harm me personally more than it hurts them”. This causes a slight continuity problem the websites that use, because Neon’s bandage was not transformed, although with the fresh variant, there’s no reason for them drop by getting wrapped in the first place.

Movement witty

A very simple movement comic variant was created by Loopuleasa. It little by little pans on the image and once in a while can be applied lesser smear and fade problems. There is not any spoken dialogue, howeverthere is vocals throughout, not to mention some sound effects. The selected vocals merely partially matches the tunes appropriate by way of the composer of the original comic. The video clip in the beginning made use of the comedian’s original version as a basis, but changed away disturbed sections to accommodate the writer’s wants.

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