Angela. Angela will be the deuteragonist of the many collection when you look at the chatting Tom and family franchise

Angela. Angela will be the deuteragonist of the many collection when you look at the chatting Tom and family franchise


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    Chatting Family

    Angela was a white cat with blue eyes.

    Chatting Tom and Friends, Talking Tom Heroes, Mentioning Tom and Pals Minis

    From months 1 through Season 3, Angela wears a red T-shirt with a white-heart on it and bluish denim shorts.

    Angela is seen an additional ensemble near the end of humiliating memory. Because of the schedule becoming changed, Angela wears an eco-friendly T-shirt with three white blossoms upon it.

    From period 4 of chatting Tom and buddies forwards, she wears a purple container top under a red off-shoulder short-sleeved top with a darker green center onto it, bluish jean-shorts and red ballet flats. She additionally wears a pink wristband on her best arm with a silver cardiovascular system inside the heart.

    Beginning with Waitress Angela, Angela recreations a green T-shirt with purple polka dots. This dress can be used interchangeably with her period 4 ensemble.

    Speaking Tom Short Pants

    Angela’s relaxed ensemble typically contains the woman wear either a green tank top or a pink t-shirt and bluish denim short pants.


    Angela try a music-loving cat whom wants to sing the lady heart away. She is positive about this lady performing and sometimes becomes performances and employment on her behalf ability. Whenever she’s maybe not performing, she enjoys trends.

    Due to the fact sole female for the class, she cares for your group and fears on their behalf. But oftentimes they tend to try the girl persistence that causes the woman being slightly hot-headed. Though in conclusion, she cares on their interracialpeoplemeet MobilnГ­ strГЎnka behalf all and additionally they look after the lady.

    The woman is interested in the girl boyfriend Tom, showing signs and symptoms of jealousy occasionally especially throughout the episode “Parallel market” when Tom got spending time with an alternative version of Angela.

    Speaking Company

    Angela was actually a tremendously active individual, focusing a lot on her behalf audio profession, a lot more than she does in speaking Tom and Friends, spending time with the family from time to time.

    Speaking Tom and Friends

    Angela are a music-loving pet whom loves to sing their heart out about delight and positivity, though she can create negative tracks, eg (video game On) Glitter female, one of the lady hottest songs into the show, and Payne Can’t damage myself, but extremely hardly ever. The woman is confident in their performing and quite often gets performances and work on her skill. When the woman is not singing, she likes making clothes and looking for all of them.

    Due to the fact sole lady inside the party, she cares your group and headaches for them.

    She actually is interested in this lady date Tom, before they began dating it was highly hinted that she appreciated him. She’d signs of jealousy frequently especially during the episode “match Universe”, whenever Tom had been hanging out with an alternate form of Angela.

    She and Tom shared a former running fun in conditions 2 and 3, in which Tom constantly stood this lady upwards, however in “severe very first day” it had been a misunderstanding.

    Angela enjoys Bad Tom significantly more than his regular actions as found for the occurrence “Good Girls Fall for negative Boys”, in which she comes in love for a bad version Tom from a bad futuristic dimension.


    Tom: Angela really loves Tom and the woman is delighted whenever with your. Angela can occasionally become annoyed with him, despite the reality they constantly work-out at some point.

    Ben: Angela and Ben is normal family. She occasionally asks Ben doing one thing on her behalf while in necessity of assist.

    Hank: Hank is a casual pal to Angela but when there seemed to be a potential upcoming where Hank fell so in love with Angela.

    Ginger: Ginger and Angela are regular friends. Though, in one event in Season 1 and one occurrence in month 2, Angela was actually chasing after Ginger and made an effort to assault him with anger.

    Becca: Angela and Becca had been rivals at first, but when they realized their own rivalry is a large misunderstanding, they decided to being close friends and sing along. In month 5, Becca gets Angela’s roommate inside her suite.

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