Carcer urban area.References are made to Carcer town in great thieves.

Carcer urban area.References are made to Carcer town in great thieves.

The town of Carcer, commonly known as Carcer town or simply just Carcer, will be the environment of Manhunt, a Rockstar video game which features bulk murderer/vigilante James Earl finances as its protagonist. Carcer City try a decayed and crime-ridden city based in close proximity to Liberty City in the 3D and High Definition world. It really is represented as creating a dysfunctional and corrupt police and large swathes of ignored and discontinued communities with come to be overrun by aggressive gangs.

Getting a serious caricature of a Rust Belt area, Carcer City appears to have taken inspiration from Detroit and Flint, Michigan; Camden, nj-new jersey; East St. Louis with Chicago, Illinois; and Gary, Indiana. Truly implied that Carcer town got a booming commercial center within its history earlier turned crippled by criminal activity and anxiety.

References are designed to Carcer urban area within the great Theft car collection, and GTA vehicles brands and companies are present in the Manhunt video games, confirming that Carcer area is present around the same continuity as GTA, with the activities of Manhunt likely are the main 3D world, and the HD world. A news sector from Grand Theft car III talks of Carcer urban area as being “nearby” freedom urban area.


Although it isn’t given in which on the east coastline it can be, it really is presumed getting near Liberty area. There can be a polluted river found in the town that catches on fire, a reference toward Cuyahoga River. The landscapes is certainly caused by flat apart from surrounding mountains that residence the wealthier communities. Not much else is famous or uncovered in regards to the conditions in Carcer town.


“Carcer” probably derives from the Latin phrase carcere, which means “prison”, that has been also title of a prison in Rome in the old Roman kingdom. This is actually the supply of terms like “incarcerate” (meaning “to imprison”), and “carceral state”, a situation modeled on a prison.

“Carcer” is amongst the seven numbers of american Geomancy. It will be the figurative summarize of a housing or jail mobile, and apparently in addition derives through the Latin carcere.


Carcer Urban Area sources in Fantastic Theft Automobile

  • In Ammu-Nation sites, ammunition employed by James Earl money in Manhunt (like Morrice Ammunition and Brian’s Nails) is seen on the market.
  • a radio advertising for Carcer area helps make references to steel mills getting shut and “dining when you look at the radiance associated with the Flaming River”. Lots of steel mills during the Midwest shut throughout very early ’90s, like those in Pittsburgh, PA, Philadelphia, PA, Cleveland, Ohio, and Detroit, MI. The “Flaming River” is a clear regard to the “Burning River”, a period in the 1970s where in fact the Cuyahoga lake in Cleveland, Kansas was therefore polluted it caught fire.
  • Discover bluish propane tanks with “Carcer petrol!” printed on it.
  • A woman named Geraldine phone calls to the crazy tourist program on WCTR, discussing that she’s from Carcer town.
  • When bumped into, some pedestrians say “Hey! This is simply not Carcer Area, fine?”
  • Regarding the coasts of Palomino Creek, north of Los Santos, there are many big, wood, spool-shaped stuff making use of almost-indistinguishable phrase “Jartnuk Cable organization” and “Carcer” to them.
  • In Zero RC, you will find action numbers with the Manhunt figures James Earl profit and Piggsy.
  • After witnessing Carl Johnson kill somebody, some pedestrians may state “I’m thinking of moving Carcer City”.
  • In the first cutscene at the airport, the arrivals panel demonstrates one airline incoming from Carcer town, though it is very challenging read.
  • Pedestrians on the street could be overheard claiming “I learnt in Carcer City”.

Great Theft Automobile: Freedom City Tales

  • A guy known as Ken calls “The Electron region” on LCFR and reports that he’s “contacting from Carcer area.”
  • Various pedestrians state they posses earlier vocations in Carcer urban area; some say, “I was a local plumber in Carcer urban area!”, yet others say “I happened to be a bank teller up Carcer before I resigned”.

Fantastic Theft Car IV

  • While looking around law enforcement databases, many of the characters listed are created in Carcer area.
  • Pedestrians may say “your drive like you’re from Carcer area” if Niko Bellic narrowly misses all of them while operating. Should you decide hear a team of babes talking, they could say stuff like “i am therefore moving to Carcer urban area”.
  • “freedom urban area to Carcer area” is actually a point that games can suggest during the ‘length Traveled’ statistic. It is a fairly decreased degree subject from inside the total statistic, and it is listed before “Liberty urban area with the Capital”, recommending that Carcer City try closer to Liberty City than Arizona, DC to nyc.
    • According to the design, placement and a couple of comparable sites, this might more declare that the nearest to Carcer urban area is founded somewhere in the area of Hartford (basically about 100 kilometers from new york. New York City to Arizona, DC is approximately 226 miles).
  • Some pedestrians can be seen using Carcer urban area Unicorns clothes.
  • user DarkSoulLock states are now living in Carcer City.
  • When walking inside tiny Italy, an Italian mobster is talking on his cellphone and then he mentions that his cousin had recently flown in from Carcer City.
  • In The Ballad of Gay Tony, a topless, blonde haired dancer tends to be read stating that he when stayed in Carcer area, and this he acted in films for manager.
  • During center playground and nearby places, you are able to discover among the pedestrians state “Oh shit, this is Liberty, maybe not screwing Carcer!” when you are shooting at folk.

Grand Theft Vehicle V

  • While in the purpose The Paleto rating, Trevor Philips chooses to need everyone communicate their unique facts of a first rating. Michael De Santa reports that he took a small operation well worth $10,000 in 1988 in the borders of Carcer town.
  • Advertisements for Carcer storage space are located across big Senora wasteland.
  • Discover a road called Carcer means, which passes through Burton.


  • There are some GTA vehicles observed in Carcer urban area in Manhunt. The Stallion renders a cameo appearance as a burnt-out wreck, while the Virgo appears as a picture in Starkweather’s mansion. The large police vans located throughout Manhunt, where protagonist can pry open up the rear doors discover offers, closely resemble the Boxville vans from the GTA III era video games. The container vehicles with bulbs beaming during some amounts appear like the Yankee from the 3D Universe games. Hollowed-out, roofless, rusted shells of cars resembling the GTA IIIIdaho are located commonly across the junkyard in Manhunt, in addition to becoming viewed through the entire GTA III age. A version of this big Theft Vehicle: Vice area authorities cruiser except with black paint normally present.


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