Incidence and Properties of Sex Hookups Among First-Semester Women Students

Incidence and Properties of Sex Hookups Among First-Semester Women Students


First-semester women university students (letter = 118) complete (a) surveys to calculate the frequency of sexual hookups and (b) event-level assessments to explain the behavioural faculties of the latest hookup. Hookups involving dental, genital, or anal sex were reported by 51per cent prior to university, 36% in their first session, and 60per cent towards the end regarding basic session. Event-level analyses expose that hookups happened to be very likely to include buddies (47%) or associates (23%) instead strangers (14percent); alcohol usage (median = 3 drinks) preceded 64% of hookups. Condoms were utilized during 69% of vaginal gender hookups.

Prominent courses, such as Unhooked (Stepp, 2007) and starting up (Bogle, 2008), explain a pervading sexual “hookup” lifestyle among senior school and students. These important records draw on anecdotal facts to suggest that standard dating might replaced by “hooking right up.” Hookups include intimate connections between lovers who aren’t in an enchanting connection (Bogle, 2008). Although scholarly research in the hookup technology enjoys started to emerge, two fundamental questions continue to be unanswered: exactly how common become hookups? and exactly what characterizes a hookup? The current investigation resolved these crucial concerns.


Esteem in previous estimates on the incidence of hookups try undermined by way of imprecise descriptions of hookup partnerships and behaviour. The kind of connection has-been defined inconsistently, with authors limiting hookups to “one-night appears” (e.g., Eshbaugh & Gute, 2008; Penhollow, teenage, & Bailey, 2007) and others stipulating merely your lovers not in an intimate connection (e.g., Garcia & Reiber, 2008; Owen, Rhoades, Stanley, & Fincham, in hit). Hookup actions have likewise not already been explained properly (age.g., Lambert, Kahn, & Apple, 2003; Paul, McManus, & Hayes, 2000), permitting students to establish the word idiosyncratically. Utilizing investigator-generated definitions for hookup cannot solve this methodological test because children may ignore this classification and Richmond CA live escort reviews answer questions through its own personal comprehension of the definition of. Thus, to deal with these problems in today’s study, we couldn’t use the term hookup when assessing incidence. Instead, we defined a casual spouse in such a manner that captured the substance of connecting (cf. Bogle, 2008; Paul & Hayes, 2002) and asked about particular sexual behaviour this kind of partnerships.

Characterizing hookups

Young adults utilize the label “hookup” to mention to many personal communications between lovers (Paul & Hayes, 2002). The ambiguity intrinsic in the phrase provides privacy but obscures a precise comprehension of the event. Consequently, one other purpose of this study was to check out the identifying qualities of hookups as reported by college or university female. 1 towards this end, we made use of an event-level approach to elicit information about members’ newest hookup (cf. Weinhardt & Carey, 2000); this process decreases memory space burden, prevents averaging across activities, and exact details about hookups.

We investigated eight proportions of hookups that have often maybe not been well-researched or currently subject to conflicting results: (1) lover means (age.g., company, visitors), (2) time of the partnership (“one-night stay” vs. several occasions), (3) liquor and medicine usage, (4) the motivation for hookups (elizabeth.g., sexual interest, peer pressure), (5) the specific intimate actions that occurred, (6) condom use, (7) emotional responses, and (8) differences when considering intimate relationships and hookups.



Players happened to be 118 first-semester women university students recruited from an introductory therapy training course for a report on “health behaviors and connections.” An average of, individuals had been 18 years of age (SD = 0.2). Cultural background got 71% Caucasian, 12percent Asian, 10percent Hispanic, 5per cent African United states, and 2% some other. At learn admission, the majority of players (61%) were unmarried, 20per cent happened to be in a committed connection, 18per cent happened to be dating one individual, and 1% are internet dating several person. At learn admission, members in addition reported on average 2.4 lifetime dental sex partners (SD = 3.2, median = 2), and 1.5 life vaginal sex couples (SD = 1.9, average = 1). All players stayed in on-campus residence places throughout their first semester and are not but permitted join sororities.

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