Dear Kannadigas,

We are nearing 2021 and Covid-19 continues to remain a major concern. As cases are increasing day by day, I request you all to cooperate and take all preventive measures that will help the world to become a safer place to live in. At MKANT, we continue to work hard to keep the entire community involved by bringing in successful shows, concerts & competition. Our goal is to keep the community together and strengthen it. 

After the successful launch of KAMPU Kannada Shaale for our children, we have been thinking of doing that is strategically beneficial to all age groups. After much deliberation, our team with best wishes and guidance from our board of trustees, is coming up with a new venture. 

MKANT in association with SAY(Shankara Ashtanga Yoga) is initiating YOGA Institute with a defined curriculum. This will be the first ever YOGA institution by a Kannada non-profit organization in North America”. A team is set up to fulfill this vision

Smt. Lavanya Chetan, Smt. Sowmya Bandalli,& Shri. Keshav Prasad will be in the team. Goal of the team will be to provide a framework and structure for the establishment of YOGA Classes.

About SAY Yoga:  Shankara Ashtanga Yoga (SAY) is one of the World Class Yoga institutes in Bangalore, India. Inspired by World renowned Yoga Guru Dr. B.KS. Iyengar, In 2005, Shri. Rajesh Kumar, a disciple of Dr.B.K.S. Iyengar, founded SAY along with his best students Shri. Chandrasekhar and Shri. Surendra. Please visit ‘‘ for more information about SAY

In the coming days, our team will send out more information and start working on preparation for a SPRING-2021 start. Personally, I request you all to support this great initiative and get maximum physical and mental benefits.

With great hope and optimism, let’s step into 2021. Wish you all a happy, safe and wonderful holiday season!!!

Yours Sincerely
Keshav Prasad Nagabhushana
Mallige Kannada Association of North Texas